Installation Contactor 4 contacts 25A with manual operation


Installation contactors are used in building technology switching cabinets of apartment blocks, office buildings, restaurants and hotels, shopping centres and hospitals as well as in industrial applications, production sites, logistics and warehouse technology for example. They are used here for automatic activation of electrical devices and units, alternating current and three-phase current motors, pumps, air conditioning systems, electric heaters and lighting technology


  • 4¬†contacts: normaly open and/or normaly closed

  • Coil control voltage 24VAC/DC or 230VAC/DC
  • High contact load
    25A per contact

  • Protective wiring
    Varistor for overvoltage protectino

  • Hum-free operation
    The built-in rectifier enables hum-free operation with direct and alternating current

  • Manual switch
    A = automatic activation
    0 = control voltage always off, no activation possible
    I = manual switch-on, the switch jumps automatically to the A position when the control voltage is applied