An 10-pin lead frame is able for wiring the A1 - A2
feed faster. 11.2mm

850349-02 - AK-11-10

The connecting bridge easily connects the terminal blocks of the coupling modules of series KRA-M4/M6/M8 and compact insulators (11.5mm), without having to wire them individually. The connecting bridge has 10 poles and is available with grid dimension 11.5 mm. The end mounts completely insulate the comb-type back to provide finger protection.


  • Rated voltage 250 V
  • Rated current 10 A
  • Number of poles 10
  • Grid dimension 11,5 mm
  • Upper temperature limit 100 °C
  • Lower temperature limit -40 °C


  • Bridge CuZN 37 F54
  • Mechanically polished surface
  • Ingress protection IP20 when proper used
  • Flame retardant
    self-extinguishing to UL 94V-2