Powering and Isolation of 2-wire Transmitters with HART Communication

RC 52500 - 5 years warranty!

The RC 52500 repeater power supply is used to supply and separate 2-wire transmitters. It supplies the transmitter with power and transmits the measurement signal to the output galvanically isolated and with high accuracy. In addition to the analog signal, the RC 52500 also transmits data protocols for HART transmitters. It allows bidirectional communication with the field device from every point of the cabling.

Pluggable cross-connectors for the auxiliary power supply ensures fast and economical installation. The slim housing with 6.3 mm wide saves significant space on DIN-rail in the switch cabinet.

The optimized efficiency of the RC 52500 power pack contributes significantly to reducing the units own heat generation. This is reflected in extremely high MTBF, it means highest reliability and long-term stability. A green LED on the front of the unit has been provided to monitor the power supply.

  • Energization of 2-wire transmittersProvides the transmitter with energy
  • Undisturbed HART transmission
    Bidirectional HART data transfer across the separation
  • 3-Port isolation
    Protection against erroneous measurements due to parasitic voltages or ground loops
  • Extremely slim design
    6.3 mm small housing
  • Protective Separation acc. to EN61140
    Protects service personnel and downstream devices against impermissibly high voltage

  • Maximum reliability
    No maintenance costs