Isolation and Conversion of Standard Signals

RN 25000 - 5 years warranty!

The Isolation Amplifier RN 25000 is used for isolation and conversion of 0 ... 20 mA, 4 ... 20 mA, 0 … 5 V, 1 … 5 V, 0 … 10V and 2 ... 10 V standard signals. Due to the calibrated selection of the input and output ranges, the new universal power supply and the ultra-small housing the Isolation Amplifier is suitable for flexible use. The high reliability and the protective separation are further features, which ensure a safe system operation.

The desired input and output range of RN 25000 can be easily set by using DIP switch and due to the calibrated range selection no further adjustment is necessary. Also the cut-off frequency can be adapted to the measurement task by using the DIP Switch.

Pluggable cross-connectors for the auxiliary power supply ensures fast and economical installation. The slim housing with 6.3 mm wide saves significant space on DIN-rail in the switch cabinet.

The optimized efficiency of the RN 25000 power pack contributes significantly to reducing the units own heat generation. This is reflected in extremely high MTBF, it means highest reliability and long-term stability. A green LED on the front of the unit has been provided to monitor the power supply.

  • Calibrated signal setting
    Input and output range can be set by using DIP switch
    – without any further adjustment

  • 3-Port isolation
    Protection against erroneous measurements due to parasitic voltages or ground loops

  • Extremely slim design
    6.3 mm small housing with practical pull-spring clamps

  • Protective Separation acc. to EN 61140
    Protects service personnel and downstream devices against impermissibly high voltage

  • Maximum reliability
    No maintenance costs