Isolation And Conversion of mV-Signals in Low-Cost Applications

RS7400 - 5 years warranty!

The Isolation Amplifier RS 7400 is used for separation and conversion mV-signals such as those frequently used for current measuring with shunt-resistors or other applications. Its high level of reliability and cost optimized design make the RS 7400 the first choice in its class!

The desired input and output range can be easily set by using DIP switch and due to the calibrated range selection no further adjustment is necessary.

The slim housing with 12.5 mm width saves space in your switch cabinet and facilitates by the practical plug-in screw terminal blocks the assembly.

For range selection a simple housing unblocking is installed which makes it possible to reach easily all control elements also on the DIN-rail.

In cause of the new universal power pack for 20...253 V AC/DC the Isolation Amplifier RS 7400 is applicable world-wide for all common supply voltages. To control the power supply a green LED is installed on the front panel.

  • Calibrated signal setting
    Input and output range can be set by using DIP switch
    - without any further adjustment

  • Universal power supply for 20...253 V AC/DC
    Applicable world-wide for all common supply voltages

  • 3-port isolation
    Protection against erroneous measurements due to parasitic voltages or ground loops

  • Ultra-small-sized housing
    12.5 mm housing with plug-in screw terminal blocks

  • Maximum reliability
    No maintenance costs