Coupling module with preceding tungsten contact for switching currents with high peaks


Switching on lights can lead to very high inrush current peaks. A closing contact can bounce 3 to 7 times until it has closed completely. This creates a light arc which can melt the contact surface. Micro-welding can take place when the contact cools down (contact sticks). To prevent sticking of the contact, relays with a preceding tungsten contact are used. Inrush current peaks for filament lamps of 165 A / max. 20 ms, or for fluorescent lamps of 800 A / max. 200 μs can be switched with these.

An 8-pin connecting bridge is available for wiring the A1 – A2 feed faster.

  • 1 switching circuit with 12 A
    The switching circuit is able to switch a capacity of 12 A / 250 V AC and inrush current pwaks of 165 A / 20 ms, or 800 A / 200 μs.
  • AUTO-OFF-ON with feedback
    The switching circuit can switch to automatic or manual mode. In automatic mode the contact with feedback is closed, therefore a logic 1 results on the controller. Multiple feedbacks can be connected in series.
  • DIN 45 mm housing
    The standardised housing enables the KBD-1 to be installed by means of a 45 mm cut-out behind the covering, it only requires a width of 17.5 mm for this. It only requires a width of 17.5 mm. The switching status indicators (LED) are clearly visible and the AUTO-OFF-ON switches accessible, with the  connecting located in a protected position behind the cover panel.