Twilight Switch


The twilight switch DSE-1 supplied with an light sensor for mounting on the wall.

Via the external control input, the lighting can be suppressed e.g. with a digital timer for a pre-set time.

  • 2 lux setting ranges
    The intensity of the lighting can be set in two ranges from 100 – 50,000 Lx and 1 – 100 Lx. The fine setting is made by a potentiometer.
  • External control input
    Control input for a preceding controller - e.g. digital timer.
  • Adjustable time delay
    To suppress brief lighting fluctuations, the time delay of 0 – 2 min. can be set.
  • Extremely compact size
    it only requires a width of 17.5 mm in the switching cabinet.
  • 16 A changeover contact
    The output contact is capable of switching an output of 4000 VA (16 A / 250 V AC1).