TOV-Control EN


A world first:
Leakage current-free lightning and overvoltage protection with TOV-Control

The lightning and overvoltage protection serves to protect electrical systems and electronics against high current peaks caused by lightning strikes or switching actions.

Does your overvoltage protection really work in an emergency?

TOV's (Temporary Overvoltages) occur increasingly on the mains. These are caused by a short-circuit between 2 phases, omission of the neutral line, earthing errors and mains fluctuations due to an increasing number of distributed feeds. These overvoltages are too low to trigger the used MOV's but heat these up so much that they age, burn through later and can even explode.

The patented circuit in the new TOV-CONTROL overvoltage devices from Relmatic prevent this by reducing the current through the MOV's. In the TOV-CONTROL devices BSE (class II) an overvoltage of 440V can be applied continuously without them incurring any damage. In the BSG (class I+II) the continuous overvoltage threshold is at 700V. In addition, the BSGs with 12.5kA or 25kA per pole are leakage current-free and can therefore be used in the pre-meter area. These protection components increase the availability of the existing systems and guarantee a trouble-free work process.